Collagen Plus Care

Collagen Plus Care

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  • PH balanced and soap-free
  • Natural premium ingredients for gentle general cleaning
  • Clarifying, deodorizing, energizes and revitalizes
  • Safe for all colors
  • Brightens coat
  • Puppy safe

A revolutionary new therapy with all the benefits of collagen that enhances and restores natural colors to the coat, repairs and restores dogs' hair from the inside out. It revitalizes and smooths rough and coarse fur, eliminating frizz and adding healthy shine - leaving coats silky and lustrous by triple moisturizing agents. Makes the coat stronger and healthier. Strongly recommended for long, flat coated and feathering breeds.

Contains all natural, health ingredients. No alcohol, oil or silicone products which adversely affect skin and hair. Will not affect the natural color or texture of coat.

SAFE for All Skin Type
SAFE for All Coat Type
SAFE for All Breed
SAFE for All Colours
SAFE for All Climate (Humid or Dry)

Application: Shampoo dilution of 1:7 parts of water for normal skin, and 1:8-10 parts for sensitive or allergic skin types.