Show Silk Protein Conditioner

Show Silk Protein Conditioner

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  • PH balanced and soap-free
  • Natural premium ingredients for gentle general cleaning
  • Clarifying, deodorizing, energizes and revitalizes
  • Safe for all colors
  • Brightens coat
  • Puppy safe

The first in a new generation of conditioners. Show Silk Protein Conditioner contains an extreme amount of protein. Protein, Vitamin E and Avocado Extract makes limp lifeless hair become full and luxurious. Vitamin B5 makes fur strong and more elastic resulting in minimum breakage while brushing out. Show Silk Protein Conditioner moisturizes dry itchy skin, rinses completely and won't make hair oily or greasy. pH balanced, natural, biodegradable, non-irritating.

Contains all natural, health ingredients. No alcohol, oil or silicone products which adversely affect skin and hair. Will not affect the natural color or texture of coat.

SAFE for All Skin Type
SAFE for All Coat Type
SAFE for All Breed
SAFE for All Colours
SAFE for All Climate (Humid or Dry)

Application: Shampoo dilution of 1:7 parts of water for normal skin, and 1:8-10 parts for sensitive or allergic skin types.