Aeolian Blower TD-901GT

  • $270.00

Used be known as Aeolus' Monster blower, has now been refined and renamed.

Incredible power, incredible value. This single motor dryer outperforms most dual motor dryers in this market. This dryer is revolutionizing the world of single motor pet dryers.

  • It’s versatile: Mount it on the wall bracket accessory or let it stand
  • Comes with round and flat narrow nozzle
  • 2020 Update: Now also comes with an additional heat sleeve

Maximum Power: 2800W
Heat Power: 600W
Blow Force: 895g
Maximum Speed: 90m/s
Highest Temperature: 52°C
Noise: 86dbA
NW: 4.75kg
Dimensions(cm): 34L x 16B x 21H

Replacement D52 Hose Available

Other optional accessories

  • Dryer Stand
  • Wall Bracket

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