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Professional sharpening expert specialising in shears and clipper blades.

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General Information for Servicing

Currently, 'same day' sharpening is unavailable.
Collection date will depend on current queue's status. 


We are currently only accepting hair-cutting scissors meant for salon, barber, or pet grooming use.

Some scissors may not be accepted due to quality or condition that is unsuitable for sharpening. Additionally, we also do not take in nail or cuticle scissors/nippers/tweezers, fabric scissors, paper scissors, traditional razors, kitchen knives, swords, etc. 

Clipper and Trimmer blades that we do sharpen are Wahl Taper blades, A5 blades from Heiniger, Andis, Oster, etc.


We mostly have repair services for -
Heiniger clippers
Wahl Supertaper
Wahl Sterling2
Wahl Magic Clip
Moser clippers & trimmers
Aeolus tools and equipment
Our current hairdryers
... and more


Upon request, we are able to mail your items back via registered post. Postage rates depends on size and weight of the items, and would usually range from $4.90-$7.40.

For any servicing enquiries, do contact us with the item's information such as name, model number, etc.