Cyclone Blower TD-901T

Cyclone Blower TD-901T

  • $190.00

There isn’t a better value in the grooming realm than the Cyclone.

Better Air Flow System
  • Newly Launched 52mm diameter hose system
  • Coupled with a smaller flow friction force, the TD-901T is able to perform at a high energy efficiency ratio
  • Unmatched wind speed of 60m/s, an increase over its previous model by 40%
Highly Improved Motor
  • Gives the user a much higher blow force of 605 grams, an increase of 45% over its previous generation
  • Motor life span has been extended with a longer carbon brush of 38mm, currently the longest on the market
  • Smaller sparks created by smaller carbon pellets and smoother rotors give the TD-901T a longer lifespan (by 30%) compared to the previous generation

The TD-901T, 1200 watt motor, outperforms many 1600 watt dryers that are currently on the market.

Maximum Power: 1800W
Heat Power: 600W
Blow Force: 605g
Maximum Speed: 60m/s
Highest Temperature: 52°C
Noise: 83dbA
NW: 4.3kg
Dimensions(cm): 48.5L x 16B x 21H
Replacement D52 Hose Available

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