JRL 9.6” Barber Blending Comb White J202

  • $8.50

Model J202

  • 9.6" long, ideal for all kinds of clipper-over-comb work.
  • Long term heat resistance, up to 240°C
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Light but strong
  • Comfortable round teeth, soft to touch but strong and durable

  • Made with ceramic technology eliminating static, speed up the drying process and create a sleek, shiny result

  • Comfort Anti-Skid Handle Grip Is Designed With Special Patterns And Shape, Providing Stylists Incredible Control Over Every Stroke

  • Allows You To Push Flat Against Any Curvature Of The Scalp And Flexes To Suitable Angles For Easy Trimming Around The Ear

  • Patented fine teeth with two-sided flute, the V-shape design on the surface of each tooth allows for an easy strand by strand grip.

  • Size 49mm x 245mm


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