Show Beauty Bath

  • $24.00

NEW Improved Professional Formula
Deep Cleansing Brightening Shampoo
0% Silicon
- No greasy coat
- No residue build up
- No irritation and over-stripping the skin
Vitamin E
- Antioxidants
- Boost cells
- Promotes fur growth
Pomegranate Extract
- Promote fur growth
- Strengthens coat
- Enhance natural fur colour
Suitable for all breeds and coats
TRUE ICONIC Show Beauty Bath is specially formulated for all breeds. It cleanses thoroughly and rinses out quickly to leave a sparkling, residue-free coat. It greatly reduces mats and tangles by removing only excess oil and dirt, keeping the skins natural oils. It helps in fur growth, strengthens hair follicles, enhances the natural colour and texture of the coat. 
Show Beauty Bath contains all-natural ingredients including pomegranate extract. It does not contain alcohol, oil or silicon. Vitamin E contains antioxidants that boose cells and encourage healthy fur growth. Safe for even the most sensitive skins and coats, puppies and lactating female dogs.

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