Stripping Knife 1R

Stripping Knife 1R

  • $18.00

Made in Taiwan


  • Removes dead hair and trims undercoat
  • Leaves the coat full and healthy - giving it that show quality look
  • Useful for finishing work to help create that "show dog" look
  • Blades are of superb quality, carefully ground to hold an edge for longest time possible
  • Easy-grip handle designed to reduce hand fatigue
  • Anti-slip handle design

Suggestions for knives selection:

  • 19-, 20- and 21-teeth: removes less hair
  • 28 extra short teeth: creates finished look on ears, chest, tail, neck, back and face
  • 25- and 33-teeth: removes more hair
  • 31- and 40-teeth: ideal for heavy-duty jobs


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