TD-906 Ionic Stand Dryer

  • $730.00


  • 6th Generation dryer that has been perfected throughout the years
  • Japanese made heavy duty 1 HP fan, air-cooled carbon-brushless motor, reliable heating element and air adjustment
  • Experience hands-free fluff drying
  • Gentle, yet powerful finishing dryer
  • As a result of its advanced technology, the noise level is greatly reduced
  • With variable air speed and temperature controls, suitable for all kinds of breeds
  • Sturdy powder coated stand with durable locking casters
  • Balanced weight design to provide stability
  • Nozzle rotates 360°, easily positioned at any angle
  • Advanced tourmaline brushes generate negative ions that aid in containing internal cuticle moisture and taming unruly hair and straightening curly coats
  • Negative ions also help in purifying the air and creating a healthier environment
  • The washable foam filter is easy to remove and clean

Maximum Speed: 38m/s
Temperature Range: 25℃ (77F) to 75℃ (167F)
Noise: below 40db

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