WAHL Charge Stand for Cordless Clippers

  • $50.00

Made in U.S.A
  • Easy operation, simply slot the clipper in vertically to enable charging
  • Premium weighted stand with anti-slip base
  • Cord rotation feature allows clipper stand to be placed flush against a wall
  • WAHL Charging dock is compatible with charging all Wahl, Sterling, and 5-Star cord/cordless clippers:
    • To use with adaptor, model #ZD018B040200 or #S010AZM0400200 power cord (black tip power cord) Clipper models: 8148-0481, 08504L,  8504L, 8591-048, 8591L
    • Use without adaptor, model #ZD018B050200 power cord (grey tip power cord) Clipper models: 8148L1, 08148L1-1, 08148L1-2, 8504L1-1, 08591L1-1,  08591L1-2 8504L1, 8591L1.
  • Only to be used with WAHL power supply (not included)

1. WAHL Charge Stand
2. Adaptor

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